About the Symposium

The global healthcare system is struggling with aging populations, complex health conditions, rising expectations, and increasing costs. The current approach still relies on patients initiating the healthcare process. This approach often results in missed early disease detection, inefficient resource use, and high costs. There is a need for a new healthcare model emphasizing continuous, preventive care and transforming patients into participants in their health. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to facilitate this shift.

The symposium AI in Medicine and Healthcare will discuss the potential role of AI in transforming healthcare in the next decade from a reactive to a proactive, preventive model. This includes patient empowerment, improved health management, and exploring AI’s role in enhancing diagnostic accuracy, operational efficiency, and cost reduction. The meeting aims to understand AI’s impact on global healthcare, focusing on early disease detection, continuous care, and tailored treatments. Discussions will also address AI’s capability in facilitating access to healthcare in underserved areas through affordable, automated solutions. Ethical, policy, and regulatory considerations in AI integration into healthcare, along with global success stories and best practices, will be highlighted.

The organizing team: Pietro Bonizzi, Rachel Cavill, Bas Lemmens, Esther Breuls